Thank you from our joyful school

In both our credo and statement of philosophy, we speak to the importance of joy in what we do. Without joy, the habits and expectations that fuel our community bonded by academic excellence and endless opportunities would be numbing. The process of tackling tough questions, engaging in conversation, improving our impact on others, and growing together shapes our character and inspires all of us. What could be a better quality to propel an institution and its graduates than a deep enjoyment of lifelong learning?

Your contributions to these experiences are immeasurable. As Poly supporters, you not only dedicate your financial resources to our mission and daily goals, but you also give your energy and expertise for our students’ development. And you give in all of those ways … with joy.

Please know our appreciation for your important role as you look through this website and watch the videos on the other pages. Along with the pair of terrific Lower School students I got to interview and many other voices from the Poly community, I thank you.

John W. Bracker
Head of School