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Continuing a Legacy of Compassion

The Dedrick Kon ’96 Fellowship, previously announced in the 2021 issue of the Report of Giving, is awarded for student-led research in the life sciences.

In its inaugural year, the Dedrick Kon ‘96 Fellowship for Exploration of the Life Sciences has succeeded in honoring the inimitable legacy of Dedrick Kon ’96 by supporting a student with a passion for the life sciences. Embodying Poly’s true essence of community spirit, the Dedrick Kon ’96 Memorial Fund was established in 2021 through the collective efforts of Dedrick’s classmates and supporters. As an accomplished anesthesiologist with a deep affinity for the sciences, Dedrick epitomized the well-rounded ethos that Poly aims to instill in its students. Beyond his scholarly pursuits, Dedrick was an athlete, musician, and empathetic friend to all—a model of the values cherished by our community. This award is designed to honor Dedrick’s remarkable life and multifaceted contributions to Poly. Open to current Upper School students, it fosters meaningful study and honors individuals who embody Dedrick's spirit of embracing all that Poly has to offer. Applicants are invited to cultivate their nascent or deep interests in the life sciences, nurturing their curiosity and developing new skills through dedicated research. Today, we are thrilled to update you on the very first recipient of the fellowship supported through this fund, Kamryn C. ’24.

Kamryn C.  ’24


Kamryn's path to this award began with a personal connection, as health challenges within her family ignited her curiosity about precision medicine's potential to revolutionize healthcare outcomes. This interest prompted her to research genomics and computational biology and attempt to unravel the intricacies of precision medicine's impact. Throughout her pursuit of this knowledge, Kamryn has displayed remarkable initiative and drive. She volunteered with miRcore, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the University of Michigan, where she harnessed her growing computational skills to contribute to original group research on genes. Her involvement in the PolyEnriched Biological Research course further honed her scientific acumen, providing her with the tools needed for her intensive exploration of genomics. Kamryn envisions a future where precision medicine is not only advanced but accessible to all, both in terms of affordability and understanding. Her commitment to democratizing knowledge and empowering individuals to comprehend their genomic data from an early age demonstrates her far-reaching aspirations. This compassionate and multidimensional approach embodies the spirit of the Dedrick Kon ‘96 Fellowship. As the first recipient of this award, Kamryn's work and dedication will no doubt inspire Poly students for years to come. We are excited to witness her continued growth, contributions, and positive impact on the field of life sciences.

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