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Together Again!

After collectively navigating through the challenges of the pandemic, we were thrilled to come together throughout the 2022–2023 academic year to honor and thank Poly’s extraordinary supporters in person. These events were joyous reflections of the dedication and enduring generosity of our community and encapsulated the spirit of unity and resilience that defines us. We express our deepest gratitude to all those who make Poly’s journey together possible and look forward to gathering in celebration with you for years to come!

Reception for New Families at the home of John Bracker and Rachel Countryman

Poly New Parent Reception 2022-103.jpg

From left to right: Amir Sadjadpour and Azadeh Rassouli P ’35, Kwame Brathwaite P ’25, ’27, ’30, and Pauline and Ben Koo P ’35

Head of School Donor Club Reception

Poly Event 9.29.22-32.jpg

From left to right: Stephen McDonald P ’89, ’92, Schuyler and Debbie Hollingsworth P ’89, ’94, ’99, Judy McDonald P ’89, ’92, and Ezra Callahan ’99 P ’31, ’35

Poly Event 9.29.22-78.jpg

From left to right: Tehmina Jaffer ’92, Tieu-My Nguyen P ’26, ’27, Carollee Reiling ’89 P ’31, and John Bracker 

Grace Henley Society and Oak Tree Society Luncheon

Poly Appreciation Luncheon 2-4-23-69.jpg

From left to right: Ann Park ’80, Amy Van Doren ’78, Emily Bowen ’15, and Kay Bowen P ’13, ’15, ’17 

Poly Appreciation Luncheon 2-4-23-59.jpg

Members of Poly’s Engineering Club present the Solar Car. From left to right: Aria Wang ’23, Kai Herman ’23, Sabrina Zhang ’23, and Julian Harrison ’23

Reception Acknowledging Stella Li and Family’s Gift for the Garland Theater Lobby


From left to right: Nancy Liu, Thierry Mantel P ’35, ’36, Ming Hsieh P ’25, ’26, Alice Wang ’23, Stella Li P ’23, Rachel Countryman, John Bracker, Jade Ding P ’25, ’26, and Kirsten and Todd Molz P ’14, ’17, ’23

Heinz Ethics Dinner 

Poly - Ethics in Hollywood Discussion-25.jpg

From left to right: John Delbridge P ’26, ’28, Scott Slater P ’28, and Eugenia Delbridge ’91 P ’26, ’28

Poly - Ethics in Hollywood Discussion-84.jpg

John Horn ’78 P ’18, ’22 in conversation with Anthony Russo P ’25, ’28 at the Athenaeum

Dinner with Poly trustees, current and former


Current and past Poly trustees attend an annual dinner held in their honor

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